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Ever since Jeremy graduated from high school we worried about him being mentally stimulated. Jeremy has cerebral palsy, is non verbal and non mobile. He enjoys being around other people. When my husband found out about Emma's Education Center we knew immediately that this was the place for Jeremy. His face lights up each morning when we are getting him ready to go to "school". We don't worry anymore about him while we are at work. Feeling Blessed.

Robert Nickell, Board of Directors Parent Representative & Teresa Nickell

My brother Jerry has really progressed since attending Emma's. He loves it and never wants to miss, even when he's sick. He goes to more social outings than I do. The staff and volunteers are amazing. I've never seen him happier.

Theresa Vara



Emma's Education Center has been a blessing for my family. From the moment I spoke with Marie, Founder and CEO of Emma's Education Center, I knew this was the right fit for my daughter Mariah. Marie and I had an instant connection that only parents with special needs children can share. She encountered the same challenges I did when she began searching future options for her own daughter. She got me...finally someone who understood my frustrations and concerns. My daughter Mariah has Downs Syndrome and is non-verbal. It's taken her years to learn what she has and I'm not about to let all that unravel now. Emma's is a place I can trust, a place that will continue her education plan while incorporating life skills, music, art and physical ed. Since Mariah has been attending, I have received daily notes from her teacher so that I know what she worked on each day. Mariah can't tell me how much she loves the center but I know by how cheerful and happy she comes home. I can't tell you enough the peace of mind Emma's Education Center has given me. We are so excited and thankful to be part of this great organization. Thank you to all the staff at Emma's Education Center for taking such good care of our children. Truly blessed,

Cathy Mejia


Our son Ryan attends Emma's Eduction Center and loves it! We struggled with finding the right place for him and this is working so well.

Thank you, Marie, and your great staff!

Ronnie Sharp, Board of Directors Parent Representative

& Allyson Sharp, ABS Consulting



I was looking for a place for my son, and when I called Emma’s Education Center, Ms. Marie sounded really pleasant over the phone. She told me I could come anytime so I went and toured the next day. When Willie and I visited it was such a warm greeting. Marie gave us a tour and we talked about the program. The Center was really nice and very neatly kept. I had a good feeling this was the place for Willie. Now, we both just love Emma’s and Marie has high expectations for the kids—it’s all about their education. Willie comes home and tells me about his day and what he did and learned. Miss Marie and Miss Rachel are awesome!

Jerri Dandrige

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