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The dream began with Emma. Emma has completed her last year of high school in Garland ISD. She was 22 in March 2015 and has "aged out" of the District. Emma LOVES everything about public school. It was where she belonged. Moderate functioning, but not enough to be independent or employable, the dilemma was where Emma could go that would allow Mom to work and Emma to develop into a capable adult. There weren't many choices out there. Adult Day cares were not an option. Many dayhabs had her sitting all day waiting to be picked up.



Faced with the dilemma, Emma's Mom wanted more for her. Led by Mom, the Board of Directors formed Emma's Education Center on April 7, 2014, opening its doors to the public on August 24, 2015. Emma is thriving once again. Emma's Mom wants the same opportunity for Emma's friends. Emma's Education Center is a structured, academic based education and LIFE skills training center for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Just like the services they had in high school--that's what they are receiving here. No one else is doing quite what we do. That's something we're proud of. For adults with IDD, the SKY'S THE LIMIT!


































Center Dedication

On August 17, 2015, Emma's Education Center was blessed by, dedicated to, and continues to be protected by the LORD Jesus Christ for His service!

What a mighty God we serve!






Program Dedication







"This program is dedicated to the memory of Carol Willis Pierce, Emma’s caregiver and close friend to both she and Mom for the last seven years of her life. Carol provided a secure environment to many children—including those with special needs—for over 35 years, and saw Emma and other special people as God sees them – perfect."

Carol Willis Pierce 1953 - 2014

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see My face." Matthew 5:8












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